KAY MOURADIAN is a professor emerita from the Los Angeles Community Colleges. She holds a doctorate in education from Nova Southeastern University and degrees from Boston University and UCLA. She recently wrote, narrated and co-produced the documentary, My Mother’s Voice, a poignant story of a fourteen-year-old girl from Turkey, Flora Munushian, the filmmaker’s mother. The film is based on her book, MY MOTHER’S VOICE, the same title as the documentary.
The film brings to life the Armenian genocide and takes to heart just as the world finally took the Holocaust to heart through the diaries of the young Jewish girl, Anne Frank. Flora’s voice is that of all the victims and survivors of the Armenian Genocide, a story that must not be forgotten.
At its world premiere screening in Toronto at the Pomegranate Film Festival, the film was awarded Honorable Mention for best documentary. It was also screened as an official selection at the ARPA film festival in Los Angeles.

Dr. Mouradian’s research was inclusive. She sought out used bookstores to search for and read books written by journalists, diplomats and missionaries who lived in the Ottoman Empire during the early 20th century. She perused state documents from the American Embassy in Constantinople housed at the Library of Congress. Then she spent a week at the FDR Library in Hyde Park, N Y reading through the private papers of Henry Morgenthau, Sr., the American Ambassador to the Ottoman Empire from 1913-1916.

She took an emotional "roots" trip to Turkey to visit the village where her mother and her mother's family along with 25,000 other Armenians were forced to leave their homes during the Armenian genocide. Traveling across the deportation route where more than two million Turkish Armenians were forced to march hundreds of miles into the oppressive deserts of Syria was heartrending. The haunting footsteps of the deportees hugged Dr. Mouradian and wouldn't let go until she ceded that human transgression onto paper. MY MOTHER’S VOICE is the story of that injustice, the unquestioning effects of deep and long ethnic hatred.

Her other publications include the books Reflective Meditation: a Mind Calming Technique and A Guide for Those Teaching Yoga in the Community Colleges. She has also contributed articles in several magazines and newspapers.