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Researching through volumes in several libraries and archives in the United States, author Kay Mouradian visited the village in Turkey where her mother and her mother’s family, along with twenty-five thousand other Armenians, were forced to leave their homes. Traveling over the same deportation route to the deserts of Syria where more than a million Armenians perished, the author became acutely aware of the suffering of her mother’s generation and the lingering sense of injustice they carried. Like the 6 million Jewish people lost in the Holocaust, Armenians lost an incredibly vibrant, successful, and valuable gene pool of more than a million as a result of the Armenian genocide. This story of fourteen-year-old Flora Munushian, the author’s mother, brings an epic chapter in Armenian history to life and takes it to heart. Flora’s incredible story honors her people with dignity and personifies the human spirit of hope, love, and justice. Flora’s voice is that of all the victims and survivors of the Armenian Genocide, a story that must not be forgotten. “I am my mother’s voice,” says Dr. Mouradian, “and this is her story.”

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A Gift in the Sunlight: An Armenian Story
“This story is a journey back in time... a unique picture of life during the tragic Armenian deportations in the Ottoman Empire.” – Donald E. Miller, Lorna Touryan Miller, authors of Survivors, An Oral History of the Armenian Genocide
“Kay breaks the silence making transformation possible for all of us who hold this terrible dark history” – Olympia Dukakis, author of Ask Me Again Tomorrow: A Life in Progress
“Mouradian’s work is a realistic and intensely moving portrayal of the Armenian Genocide experience as told not only by a child of survivors, but by a truly talented writer. It is at once courageous, heartbreaking, angry, cathartic. An act of generosity and witness.” –Andrew Goldberg, Two Cats Production
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My Armenian Story (eBook)
A prequel to A Gift in the Sunlight providing readers the opportunity to learn more about the characters before their forced deportation.
May 19, 1915.  Hadjin, Turkey. There was no name yet for the new war. Six months had passed since Turkey joined Germany and Austria in this Great War, and the heat of the war was singeing the edges of its Ottoman Empire. But in the isolated mountain town of Hadjin, life had not much changed. The winter snows had melted and the days were peaceful. Old men still met in coffeehouses, their exuberant voices ringing as they tossed dice on backgammon boards calling out shesh besh. Hagop Munushian looked beyond the scene, upward to the huge American missionary compound that dominated the rockbound plateau and beyond that to the craggy Taurus Mountains jutting high into the sky. Those were his mountains, where as a young boy he had hiked with his father. Now he was the father caring for his family and teaching his own children about life....

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The Yoga Syllabus (Introduction)
Part of my early research for my doctorate in education took me to India in the mid-seventies. My objective was to build a curriculum in yoga for my community college in Los Angeles and I developed this syllabus as a guide for those teaching yoga in public education. Since one of my findings resulted in discovering how little westerners understand yoga and the effect of traditional yoga postures on the physical body, I developed adaptations of the traditional yoga postures to ease the possibility of injury. What is good can also be bad and Westerners tend to become competitive in mastering yoga postures, never considering cultural differences.
This syllabus was written specifically for educators but the information within it is valuable for anyone interested in learning the basics of meditation and learning about the different kinds of yoga.

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Reflective Meditation (eBook)
Reflective Meditation is a little known yoga technique. This quiet discipline from India calms the mind and helps one to understand the power of silence. This method of introspection will sharpen one's attention span. It promises no meditational miracles but can bring your consciousness to light and help rid your mind of junk thoughts. It can open the door to discovering how and why your mind works the way it does. The highest yoga is the control of the mind.
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