My Mother's Voice

Researching through volumes in various libraries and archives in the United States, author Kay Mouradian visited the village in Turkey where her mother and her mother’s family, along with twentyfive thousand other Armenians, were forced to leave their homes. Traveling over the same deportation route to the deserts of Syria where more than a million Armenians perished, the author became acutely aware of the suffering of her mother’s generation and the lingering sense of injustice they carried. Like the 6 million Jewish people lost in the Holocaust, Armenians lost an incredibly vibrant, successful, and valuable gene pool of more than a million as a result of the Armenian genocide. This story of fourteen-year-old Flora Munushian, the author’s mother, brings this epic chapter in Armenian history to life and takes it to heart. Flora’s incredible story honors her people with dignity and personifies the human spirit of hope, love, and justice.

My Mother's Voice Youtube Video Map of Armenia


A Gift in the Sunlight: An Armenian Story

This interview on youtube tells a brief story about my mother's family who was deported from their ancestral home in Turkey in 1914. The two girls on the upper left, my mother Flora and her sister, were the only ones who survived.


Youtube Interview with Kay Mouradian

This map shows the deportation routes from Turkey to the Syrian Deserts. Three-fourths of the two million deported Armenians did not survive the forced marches.  This interview on youTube reveals the depth of research that went into writing the author's novel, A GIFT IN THE SUNLIGHT: An Armenian Story.